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Montauk Black Sail Rum
  • Description

    This full-bodied rum is matured in a wooden oak cask for four years. It is produced entirely in traditional pot distills and made from caramelized sugar or molasses. It is aged longer, in heavily charred barrels, giving it a much stronger flavor and taste than light rum; it can be considered midway between light rum and the darker variety.

    Black Sail has more character and flavor than its "mixing" counterparts and is generally consumed straight. A soft and smooth rum with hints of vanilla, brown sugar and toasted almond. The nose has oak, dried fruit, brown sugar, earth and vanilla aromas. On the palate, caramel, toasted almond, buttery cinnamon, and bourbon-aged oak flavors are rounded out by a finish lingering with toasted coconut and a soft, smooth, well-balanced, luxurious texture. (from the distiller)

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Montauk Black Sail Rum

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