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  • The Gravenstein sparkles in this bright, crisp cider!

    If you're looking for cider that tastes like Tree Top apple juice spiked with vodka, you'll want to look elsewhere! At Tilted Shed, we make mostly dry, tannic, nuanced, lean ciders that defy most Americans' expectations. We love Old World-style ciders made from traditional cider apples, and our style reflects their rich heritage but with a decidedly Californian edge.

    The refreshing acidity is balanced with a touch of sweetness and barnyard funk. 50% organic Gravensteins and a blend of other heirloom and traditional tannic cider apples. The Grav lends its lovely aromatics and tartness, while a blend of sweet (low tannin, low acid) and bittersweet (high tannin, low acid) apple varieties impart flavor and lively tannins.

    This is Sonoma County heritage in a bottle. Serve in a white wine glass at 55 degrees. Great as a celebratory bubbly, or pair with cheeses, salmon, oysters, spicy and grilled meats, and a hammock.

    (from the cidermaster)

Tilted Shed "Graviva!" Semidry Cider Sonoma County ?

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