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Port Morris Distillery Pitorro Coquito

Port Morris Distillery Pitorro CoquitoWine Region region_newyork

  • Description

    Pitorro is the traditional moonshine of Puerto Rico. Coquito, a traditional Puerto Rican holiday cocktail, is made from Pitorro with a coconut and cinnamon flavor naturally added. It has flavors similar to eggnog and is best served chilled or on ice.

    Port Morris Distillery in the South Bronx was founded in 2010 to produce Pitorro in New York City. On the island, each family has its own recipe and fermenting secrets. To give Pitorro a distinct Caribbean flavor, fruits such as coconut, pineapple, raisins, and tamarind are often placed in the jugs during the curing process. Master Distiller Tio has perfected this process and has created a clean version of Pitorro that has a glassy look similar to pearls. The island lore is that only the finest quality moonshine has these pearls which indicates it doesn't contain headache and hangover inducing compounds. (from the distiller)

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    New York
    Rum, Local

Port Morris Distillery Pitorro Coquito

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