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Product Image - Rare Wine Co. New York Malmsey Madeira
  • In the 18th and early 19th centuries, Madeira was the United States' most coveted wine. Every public event—from the signing of the Declaration of Independence to George Washington's Inauguration—was toasted with a glass of Madeira. For more than 150 years, no other wine rivaled it in the eyes of connoisseurs.

    But after the Civil War, Madeira drifted into obscurity, the victim of a series of natural, political, and economic calamities. The goal of the Rare Wine Co.'s Historic Series was to introduce a new generation of American wine lovers not only to our shared history with Madeira, but to the wine's magical quality: its astonishing bouquet, its glorious richness and balance, and its versatility as an aperitif, dessert wine, and food wine.

    New York Malmsey is the sweetest wine of the series. It unfolds slowly in the glass, gradually revealing layers of depth and flavor. Coffee, toffee, and date notes emerge, followed by earthy, almost truffley flavors. Powerful and assertive on the long finish, this wine demonstrates why Madeira can be one of the planet's greatest dessert wines. It marries with an astonishing number of desserts, its kaleidoscopic flavors bonding with chocolate, nuts, citrus, and dark fruits. But it can also be served during the meal, with foie gras, sweetbreads, and almost any dish that has a rich, sweet sauce. (from the vintner)

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    Fortified & Dessert

Rare Wine Co. New York Malmsey Madeira?


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