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Van Brunt Stillhouse American Whiskey

Van Brunt Stillhouse American WhiskeyWine Region region_newyork

  • Description

    The Van Brunt Stillhouse is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Their American Whiskey pays homage to the dozens of distilleries that lined the Brooklyn waterfront in the nineteenth century.

    Their American Whiskey is made from scratch from grains sourced directly from upstate New York farms. Unlike a corn-based Bourbon, this farmhouse-style whiskey relies on a mash bill that is predominantly wheat and malted barley with only small amounts of corn and rye. This small-batch whiskey is unique and complex while approachable and soft on the palate. It leads with the sweetness of fresh cut grass, followed by notes of tobacco, cinnamon, coconut, and tea. The malt gives a nice floral finish to this very easy drinking spirit. (from the distiller)

  • Alcohol Information

    New York
    Whiskey, Local

Van Brunt Stillhouse American Whiskey

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