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Harushika Tokimeki Sparkling Junmai Sake
  • Description

    A sparkling sake with a deliciously fruity sweetness balanced by nice acidity. Harushika Tokimeki Sparkling is lightly pasteurized, which means yeast is present to release carbon dioxide, leaving a wonderful bubbly sake. Great as an aperitif, it can also be enjoyed with appetizers, spicy food, or light desserts (fresh fruits, fruit tarts, panna cotta, biscotti, sorbet). Before serving, gently tip the bottle to mix the sediments with the sake and obtain the full range of flavors.

    The Hakushika brand represents good taste, quality, and a sense of tradition. As the leading sake brewer in Nishinomiya, famed throughout Japan for its "miyamizu", water reputed to be the best for making sake, we are dedicated to producing the finest. We believe that a little luxury, such as a nice sake with a delicious meal, can enrich life. As in traditional Japanese aesthetics, we believe that the beauty of an excellent sake is in both its subtleties and its appearance of clean simplicity which conceal the tedious care and attention we put into each bottle. (from the brewer)

    SMV -80

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Harushika Tokimeki Sparkling Junmai Sake

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