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Dalwhinnie Highland 15 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Description

    This golden colored scotch has a big, crisp, dry and very aromatic nose with hints of heather and peat. Light to medium body. Smooth, soft and lasting flavors of heather, honey sweetness and vanilla followed by deeper citrus-fruit flavors and hints of malted bread. The finish is long, lingering, and surprisingly intense—starting sweetly, then giving way to smoke, peat and malt.

    The name Dalwhinnie derives from the Gaelic words for a 'meeting place' of sheep and cattle drovers. It is so remote that in 1994 it was officially recorded as the coldest inhabited place in Scotland for that year. No other distillery is allowed to use the water from Lochan an Doire Uaine, (Gaelic for "Loch of the green thicket") which lies at 2,000 feet in the Drumochter Hills; thus, they are not able to enjoy Dalwhinnie's unique combination of clean, accessible, malty-sweet taste leading in to a smooth and smoky Highland warmth.

    Dalwhinnie distillery is situated between the gentle, grassy style of the Lowlands and the austere, firm body of Speyside which begins some 25 miles to the north. The style is that of the Highlands; a resilient marriage of gentleness and spirit. (from Dalwhinnie)
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Dalwhinnie Highland 15 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky