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Xoriguer Mahón Gin
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    Xoriguer Gin de Mahón comes from the Spanish island of Minorca.

    How did gin, a decidedly Nordic drink, get to the Mediterranean? The island had thousands of British sailors stationed on it for much of the 18th century. An enterprising local craftsman starting importing juniper berries and producing gin to serve to the soldiers at the island's taverns. After the British soldiers left, the gin remained popular on the island.

    Today Xoriguer, the name of one of the island's windmills, lends its name to the only gin produced on the island by the Pons family. The base alcohol is distilled from grapes in a traditional wood-fired copper pot still before being flavored with juniper, lemon peel, angelica, and coriander.

    A deeply floral nose evoking lemongrass, verbena, dusty cedar, and freshly-cut flowers. The palate starts with juniper ahead of distinctively floral tones with subtle spice and lemon zest undertones leading into a rich, lingering finish with great freshness. An extraordinary versatile gin that is sure to impress in G&Ts and craft cocktails. (from Xoriguer)

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Xoriguer Mahón Gin

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