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Brooklyn Republic Vodka

Brooklyn Republic VodkaWine Region region_newyork

  • Description

    It all started in 2009 while driving down Brooklyn's Belt Parkway. Gary leaned over to his daughter Kary and said, "we should make vodka." To which Kary replied, "ok, but we have to make it here." And so Brooklyn's first locally-made vodka was born.

    Our Master Blender in Brooklyn creates a proprietary blend of grain spirits, including sweet corn and organic wheat, which is then filtered and blended with local Brooklyn water. The sweet corn adds a smooth finish that leaves virtually no bitterness or "bite" you'd expect from other distilled starches. Vodka is made up of a lot of water, so it's important to get that right. For us, that Brooklyn water makes all the difference. It's the same reason they say the best bagels come from here — the water is exceptional, sweet, and delicious.

    Classic vodka handcrafted for a naturally smooth sweetness with absolutely no additives. A proprietary combination of grain spirits blended with charcoal-filtered Brooklyn water creating a remarkably smooth yet crisp taste. (from Brooklyn Republic)

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    New York
    Vodka, Local

Brooklyn Republic Vodka

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