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Raynal V.S.O.P. French Brandy
  • Description

    Raynal & Cie is a small French company full of history and heritage based in the town of Cognac. The company was formed when three traditional family businesses — each created in the 19th century with the earliest dating back to 1814 — merged at the end of the 20th century.

    The 'savoir faire' of these companies lives on. It can be seen in the range of brandies sourced from three famous wine regions of France and also in the traditional ageing in aromatic Limousin and Troncais oaks.

    Today Raynal & Cie is the leading producer of premium French brandy. The bright mahogany VSOP: with its refined bouquet of oak and hints of honey and its smooth and velvety palate has become a benchmark for quality brandies. You should find hints of almond and walnut, with a long finish of candied fruits and ginger.

  • Alcohol Information

    Cognac & Brandy

Raynal V.S.O.P. French Brandy

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