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Mellow Corn Bonded Corn Whiskey
  • Description

    Mellow Corn is an oddball—the only straight corn whiskey produced by a major distillery.

    The forerunner and kissing cousin to Bourbon, American Straight Corn Whiskey must have a mashbill that includes a minimum of 81% corn. Although many of today's bourbons may have close to that amount of corn in their recipes, what really separates Mellow Corn from bourbon is aging in used, rather than new, white oak barrels. As a Bottled-In-Bond Straight Corn Whiskey, Mellow Corn must meet additional strict government criteria—a minimum of four-year aging, 100 proof, and the product of one distillery in one distilling section.

    A gold colored whiskey with an aggressive corn alcohol nose with hints of popcorn, peanut butter and vanilla. Corn and banana notes coat the smooth and mellow palate. A smooth, light, sweet whiskey that excels at putting a new twist into a range of Bourbon cocktails. (from Mellow Corn)

  • Alcohol Information

    Bourbon, Kosher

Mellow Corn Bonded Corn Whiskey

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