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Cruzan Aged Light Rum
  • Description

    In 1760, a sugar mill began crushing cane at the current site of the Cruzan Rum distillery on the island of St. Croix. Since the early 1800s the Nelthropp family has lived on and been an integral part of this legendary island's rich history. Today, the Nelthropp family distills and ages one of the world's best tasting rums using only natural ingredients.

    Cruzan Aged Light Rum is a blend of rums aged one to four years in American oak casks, then treated to a filtration process that brings out the full-bodied taste. The light color resembles that of chardonnay, a distinctive indication of its aging. Dry, clean taste with vanilla overtones and a pleasant finish. Cruzan is smooth enough to sip neat, but shines as the base for most traditional rum cocktails.

    The word Cruzan is derived from Santa Cruz, the Spanish name for the island; a person who lives on St. Croix is referred to as a Crucian. (from Cruzan)

  • Alcohol Information

    Virgin Islands
    St. Croix

Cruzan Aged Light Rum

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