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Rhum Barbancourt Five Star Reserve Speciale 8 Year Rum
  • Description

    Since 1862 Rhum Barbancourt has produced rums in the image of Haiti with a diversity of aromas and styles. Their rums still use double distillation like Cognac and Single Malt Whisky – a process brought to Haiti by the founder Dupré Barbancourt from his native Cognac.

    Like the Rhum Agricole of Martinique, Barbancourt rums are made directly from sugar cane juice instead of molasses, a byproduct of sugar production. This creates a fresher and more flavorful rum. The réserve spéciale 5 star rum is an eight year old rum with power, refinement, and subtlety of fruit.

    A pale gold colored rum with a rich vanilla and pepper spice bouquet. Balanced, smooth, and full-bodied in the mouth, this rum has a complex finish on toffee, prune, and marmalade flavors. Excellent neat or with ice, try it with a lemon zest to reveal all its subtleties. (from Rhum Barbancourt)

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Rhum Barbancourt Five Star Reserve Speciale 8 Year Rum