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Brokers London Dry Gin
  • Description

    Broker's is a brand with personality and playfulness. Creators Martin and Andy Dawson chose the image of a bowler-hatted gentlemen — an archetypal stockbroker — to reflect the fact that historically England is the home of gin. Broker's Gin is made in a 200-year-old distillery in the heart of England using a traditional copper pot-still. The recipe is as old as the distillery. A quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit made from English wheat is redistilled with ten traditional botanicals, creating a gin of outstanding flavor and smoothness.

    Broker's Gin does not follow the modern trend of using weird and wonderful spirits and botanicals. There are no oddball ingredients in Broker's Gin. We believe our forefathers did an unbeatable job perfecting gin recipes over many hundreds of years. A very dry gin, distilled using neutral grain spirits and ten botanical herbs. Crisp scents of lemon zest, coriander and orris root follow with a smooth peppery finish. Enjoy with tonic and lime. (from Broker's)

  • Alcohol Information
    Gin, Kosher

Broker's London Dry Gin

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