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Stolichnaya elit Vodka
  • Description

    elit Vodka is a platinum award-winning vodka and is regarded as one of the world's finest spirits.

    Every stage in the creation of elit is a fusion of passion and precision. The grain comes from a single estate in Russia's Tambov region. This land was chosen specifically for its fertile black soil which yields ultra-high-quality grain. These hand-selected grains are fermented before being distilled three times. The distilled spirit travels to Riga, Latvia, where it is blended with artesian well water from deep below the earth. The spirit is then filtered twice through super-fine quartz sand and Russian birch wood charcoal. To ensure perfection, the filtered spirit goes through our signature freeze-filtration process at -18°C. The super-chilled spirit is then passed at an ultra-slow velocity through ion-charged filters and rests before hand bottling.

    With a crystal-clear appearance and an exceptional nose of citrus and fruit blossoms, elit Vodka tastes remarkably clean with a long and elegant finish. (from Stolichnaya)

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Stolichnaya elit Vodka

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