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Yellow Spot Single Pot Still 12 Year Irish Whiskey
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    When the Mitchell family entered the whiskey bonding business in 1887, it was at the peak of the Victorian whiskey boom and pot still Irish whiskey was at its summit. Mitchells originated the system of labeling casks with a daub of paint that identified the age of the whiskey inside and the names of these iconic whiskeys have survived to today. Blue Spot was a 8 year old, Green Spot a 10 year old, Yellow Spot a 12 year old, and Red Spot a 15 year old.

    In time, all but Green Spot disappeared, with Yellow Spot last being seen on whiskey shelves in the early 1960's until it's return in the 2010s. This superbly complex whiskey has fresh and sweet top notes. The nose has masses of fleshy stone fruit aromas, especially peach and apricot with hints of sherried dried fruit and Bourbon cask vanilla. The palate is equally fruity with a substantial body and a velvety texture. The finish is long and sweet with notes of marzipan and dried apricots. This is very different to the Green Spot we all know and love with a delicious sweetness to it and a firmer body. (from Midleton)

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Yellow Spot Single Pot Still 12 Year Irish Whiskey

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