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Rujero Bolivian Singani Brandy
  • Description

    Rujero Singani is a Bolivian brandy made from Muscat of Alexandria grapes in the province of Tarija, situated in the very southern tip of Bolivia. Continuing a 400-year-old tradition of distillation, the estate of Rujero is a 300-year-old vineyard planted by Jesuits nearly 7,000 feet above sea level. This extreme altitude produces a distillate that retains the floral quality of the Muscat, but maintains an elegance, brightness, and minerality that can be lost in other South American brandy.

    The grapes, some from vines that are over 200 years old, are hand-harvested and fermentation is done only with native, wild yeast. The vineyard is interspersed with ancient peppercorn (molle) trees and there is a slight peppery note in the spirit. Singani is typically enjoyed with ginger soda and lime–called a Chufla. (from Rujero)

  • Alcohol Information
    Cognac & Brandy
    100% Muscat of Alexandria Grape

Rujero Bolivian Singani Brandy

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