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Jeffersons Ocean Aged at Sea, FreshDirect Barrel Selection Bourbon
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    Our Jefferson's Ocean is aged in traditional standard, new American charred oak barrels aged at least four years in Kentucky and then aged additionally at sea at least one year. Crossing the equator at least five times and stopping in over 30 ports of call, Jefferson's Ocean voyages impart unique flavor profiles based on the journey route and time of year at sea! Voyage 17 experienced balmy-warm weather throughout, above 80 degrees, for a majority of the journey. From Melbourne to Fremantle the seas were rough, but the remainder of the trip around the Pacific Rim was moderately calm. The elemental factors that play on the final flavors in Jefferson's Ocean are the weather, humidity and "chop" of the Ocean. Voyage 17's conditions imparted a smooth oaky taste with just the right balance of salinity and sweetness. Briney forward with a distinguished smooth vanilla finish. (from Jefferson's)

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Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea, FreshDirect Barrel Selection Bourbon

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