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    Epicurean Farms

    "Pollo Buono"

    Earliest Available Fri, 04/18
    *Fresh avail Fri 4/18

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    Epicurean Farms

    Epicurean Farms Local Heritage Chicken, Fresh, Raised Without Antibiotics

    About | Nutrition | Reviews

    Never heard of a heritage chicken? Think of it as an analog to an heirloom tomato — an old-school genetic stock that hasn't been ameliorated to fit the demands of factory farming. The Pollo Buono chicken originated from small family farms in Italy. Unlike typical chickens, heritage breeds are slow-grown to produce superior texture and flavor, and have a thin skin that's ideal for crisping. These birds are humanely raised on pasture with outdoor access during warm months, and without antibiotics on an all-vegetable diet.

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