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    Tabla Goan-Spiced Berkshire Pork Medallions

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    No Chilies
    NO HEAT - Learn more.

    Succulent and juicy, Berkshire pork (from England's famed Black Pigs) makes a perfect partner for an aromatic spice blend inspired by Chef Cardoz's childhood summers in Goa, a tiny coastal state in India. Fast-cooking and full of complex flavor, these easy medallions pair deliciously with fruit chutneys, Tabla's Coconut-Basmati Pilaf and Chickpea Masala.

    • No Hydrogenated Oils

    Chop & Cutlet Rating
    4 (out of 5) FLAVORFUL
    5 (out of 5) TENDER
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    Heating Instructions
    Stovetop: Heat an oven-proof sautÚ pan over medium-high heat. When hot, add enough canola oil to coat the bottom of the pan. When oil just begins to shimmer, carefully place marinated pork medallions in pan avoiding splatter. Cook pork medallions 5 minutes per side for medium-rare, or 6-7 minutes for medium. Allow to rest for a few minutes before serving.

    Heat grill over high heat. Clean the grill with a brush. Cook covered 6-7 minutes per side for medium rare, or 7-8 minutes for medium. Allow to rest for a few minutes before serving.

    The USDA recommends cooking this product to a minimum internal temperature of 160 ║F as measured by thermometer.

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