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    Kids Meals

    "Turkey Meatloaf w/ Sweet Potatoes, Mixed Veggies & Barbecue-Ketchup Sauce"

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    Kids Meals Turkey Meatloaf & Sweet Tater Mash

    About | Nutrition | Ingredients | Reviews

    A classic Sunday night dinner perfectly portioned for the little one in your family. A breast meat turkey meatloaf is baked to perfection and served with a delicious barbecue-ketchup sauce. Served with a side of not-too-sweet mashed sweet potatoes, baby carrots, peas and corn — this is a dish adults will love too.

    More about this Kids Meal:

    • Made with wholesome ingredients
    • Full serving of vegetables in every meal
    • Sweet potatoes and carrots are an excellent source of fiber and a good source of antioxidant vitamin C
    • Turkey is a good source of iron
    • Lean meal option

    Please do not freeze.

    • All Natural
    • Nutritionist Recommended

    Heating Instructions
    Both Cooking Methods:
    Remove sleeve from tray. Before cooking, pull back one corner of plastic film & remove the sauce cup. Serve with sauce. Enjoy!

    Microwave Oven:
    Important: Heating times vary.
    1. Place in microwave and heat on high for 2 minutes in 1,000-watt or higher microwave, or 2 1/2 minutes in lower wattage microwave.
    2. Let sit for 1 minute before carefully removing plastic film.

    Conventional Oven:
    1. Pre-heat oven to 350F. Remove plastic film from tray.
    2. Cover tray with aluminum foil and place on a baking sheet.
    3. Bake for 18-20 minutes or until heated through.
    4. Carefully remove foil to avoid steam.

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