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    Variety Spicy + Firm + Coarse + Lean + Price 
    Genoa & Hard Salami:
    Beretta Genoa Salami, Sliced $8.99/lb 
    Beretta Milano Hard Salami, Sliced $11.99/lb 
    Boar's Head Genoa Salami, Sliced $9.99/lb 
    Citterio Genoa Salami $6.99/lb 
    Citterio Hard Salami $6.99/lb 
    Sopressata Salami:
    Beretta Sopressata Sweet Sausage, Sliced (1.5-Inch Wide) $11.99/lb 
    Beretta Sweet Sopressata, Sliced (2.5-Inch Wide) $12.99/lb 
    Citterio Hot Sopressata $11.99/lb 
    Molinari and Sons Sopressata Salame, Sliced $15.99/lb 
    Flavored Salami & More:
    Beretta Piccante Salami, Sliced $12.99/lb 
    Beretta Rustico Salami, Sliced Not Available 
    Boar's Head Chorizo, Sliced $15.99/lb 
    Hebrew National Soft Salami, Sliced $12.99/lb 
    Molinari and Sons Toscano Dry Salame, Sliced $14.99/lb 
    Schaller & Weber Peppercoated Cervelat, Sliced $14.99/lb 
    Citterio Sandwich Pepperoni $7.49/lb 
    Whole Salami & Sausages:
    Beretta Fennel Salami $6.99/ea 
    Beretta Piccante Salami $6.99/ea 
    Beretta Sopressata Sweet $11.99/lb 
    D'Artagnan Saucisson Sec $8.99/ea 
    Olli Salumeria Calabrese Salami $8.99/ea 
    Olli Salumeria Chorizo Salami $8.99/ea 
    Olli Salumeria Molisana Salami $8.99/ea 
    Olli Salumeria Napoli Salami $8.99/ea 
    Olli Salumeria Norcino Salami $8.99/ea 
    Olli Salumeria Toscano Salami $8.99/ea 
    Olli Salumeria Wild Boar Salami $12.99/ea 
    Palacios Autentico Chorizo Espanol Original $8.99/ea 
    Schaller & Weber Landjaeger $4.99/pair 

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