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Beef Ground, Burgers & Sausage Sale & Value Packs Kosher
Pork Prepped Direct from the Farm
Lamb Pre-Cut Organic & All-Natural
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Easy, Affordable Ground Meat
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Variety Price 
Extra Lean (≥90%) :
100% Grass-Fed Local 90% Lean Ground Beef, Fresh $9.99/ea 
90% Lean Ground Beef Sirloin $7.49/lb 
90% Lean Ground Bison $7.99/ea 
FreshDirect 96% Extra Lean Ground Beef, Fresh $8.99/ea 
Local Angus RWA 90% Lean Ground Beef $7.99/ea 
Local Angus RWA Ground Beef Sirloin $7.99/lb 
Lean (85-89%):
FreshDirect 88% Lean Ground Beef, Fresh $5.59/ea 
Organic 85% Lean Ground Beef $9.99/lb 
Regular (≤84%):
100% Grass-Fed Local 80% Lean Ground Beef, Fresh $6.99/ea 
100% Grass-Fed Local Ground Beef Chuck $9.99/lb 
100% Grass-Fed Local Ground Lamb, Raised without Antibiotics Not Available 
Fresh Ground Veal $7.99/lb 
FreshDirect 80% Lean Ground Beef, Fresh $4.99/ea 
FreshDirect American Kobe Ground Beef $8.99/lb 
Local Angus RWA 80% Lean Ground Beef $5.49/ea 
Local Organic Ground Pork $7.49/lb 
Meal Mart Kosher Ground Beef $9.99/lb 
Pat LaFrieda Original Ground Beef Blend $6.99/lb 
Pat LaFrieda Short Rib Ground Beef Blend $6.99/ea