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Tender, Flaky Fish Fillets
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Variety Braise Stew Smoke Stock Deep-fry Price 
Fish Fillets:
Farm Raised Dover Sole Fillet $29.99/lb 
Farm-Raised Cajun Catfish Fillet       $9.99/lb 
Farm-Raised Catfish Fillet     $8.99/lb 
Farm-Raised Tilapia Fillet     $5.99/lb 
Local Wild Bluefish Fillet     $8.99/lb 
Local Wild Flounder Fillet     $19.99/lb 
Local Wild Monkfish Fillet $15.99/lb 
Local Wild Skate Fillet $8.99/lb 
Ocean Perch Fillet       Not Available 
Organic Farm-Raised Salmon Fillet $17.99/lb 
Salt Cod Fillet      $12.99/ea 
True North Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon Filet     $12.99/lb 
True North Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon Filet, Center Cut     $8.49/ea 
True North Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon Fillet, Family Pack $10.99/lb 
True North Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon Whole Side Filet     $9.99/lb 
Turbot Chop, Bone-In $12.99/lb 
Wild Alaskan Black Cod Fillet $24.99/lb 
Wild Alaskan King Salmon Fillet Not Available 
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillet, Fresh $26.99/lb 
Wild Atlantic Halibut Cheeks $24.99/lb 
Wild Chilean Sea Bass Fillet, Previously Frozen      $29.99/lb 
Wild Cod Fillet     $15.99/lb 
Wild Grouper Fillet $24.99/lb 
Wild Halibut Fillet     $29.99/lb 
Wild King Salmon Fillet Not Available 
Wild Lemon Sole Fillet     $19.99/lb 
Wild Mahi-Mahi Fillet     $12.99/lb 
Wild Snapper Fillet     $26.99/lb 
Wild Spanish Mackerel Fillet $12.99/lb 
Wild Tilefish Fillet   $18.49/lb 

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