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Tender, Flaky Fish Fillets
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Variety Broil Sauté Roast Grill Poach Steam Price 
Fish Fillets:
Farm-Raised Arctic Char Fillet   $16.99/lb 
Farm-Raised Cajun Catfish Fillet    $9.99/lb 
Farm-Raised Catfish Fillet    $9.99/lb 
Local Wild Black Sea Bass Fillet $29.99/lb 
Local Wild Bluefish Fillet    $8.99/lb 
Organic Farm-Raised Salmon Fillet $15.99/lb 
True North Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon Fillet $13.99/lb 
True North Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon Fillet, Center Cut $8.99/ea 
True North Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon Whole Side Fillet     $11.79/lb 
Wild Chilean Sea Bass Fillet, Previously Frozen   $34.99/lb 
Wild Cod Fillet $12.99/lb 
Wild Grouper Fillet   $24.99/lb 
Wild Halibut Fillet $29.99/lb 
Wild Mahi-Mahi Fillet   $14.99/lb 
Wild Snapper Fillet $14.99/lb 
Wild Tilefish Fillet $24.99/lb 
Farm-Raised Tilapia Fillet     $8.99/lb 
Ocean Perch Fillet      $9.99/lb 
Salt Cod Fillet      $12.99/ea 
Wild Flounder Fillet    $9.99/lb 
Wild Lemon Sole Fillet    $24.99/lb 
Farm Raised Dover Sole Fillet $32.99/lb 
Jon Dory Fillet Not Available 
Local Wild Monkfish Fillet $17.99/lb 
Local Wild Skate Fillet $8.99/lb 
Ocean Perch Fillet, Family Pack $8.99/lb 
Ora King Farm-Raised King Salmon Fillet $24.99/lb 
True North Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon Fillet, Family Pack $12.99/lb 
Turbot Chop, Bone-In $9.99/lb 
Wild Alaskan Black Cod Fillet $27.99/lb 
Wild Alaskan King Salmon Fillet $39.99/lb 
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillet, Fresh $32.99/lb 
Wild Atlantic Halibut Cheeks $24.99/lb 
Wild Atlantic Pollock Fillet $14.99/lb 
Wild Cod Fillet, Family Pack $14.99/lb 
Wild Coho Salmon, Previously Frozen $19.99/lb 
Wild Hake Fillet $13.99/lb 
Wild King Ivory Salmon Fillet, Fresh $31.99/lb 
Wild Pacific Cod Individually Wrapped Fillets, Family Pack, Frozen $24.99/ea 
Wild Sockeye Salmon Individually Wrapped Fillets, Family Pack, Frozen $28.99/ea 
Wild Spanish Mackerel Fillet $15.99/lb 
Wild Yellowtail Belly, Previously Frozen Not Available 
Wild Yellowtail Fillet, Previously Frozen Not Available 

Daily Seafood Quality Ratings

sustainability rating on pathOn the Path to Sustainability
sustainability rating bestBest Choice
sustainability rating goodGood Alternative
sustainability rating avoidAvoid
sustainability rating not ratedNot Yet Rated

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