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Dry Whole-Grain & High-Fiber Canned Tomatoes Sausages, Pancetta & Ground Meat Oils & Vinegar Sale Kosher
Fresh Cut Jarred & Packaged Sauce Olives, Capers & Antipasti Shellfish From Our Kitchen New
Stuffed Sauce & Meatballs Fresh Herbs & Veggies Cheeses, Fresh & Grating Frozen Gluten-Free

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Variety Price 
Fresh Cut:
Ravello Fresh Egg Angel Hair $3.69/ea 
Ravello Fresh Egg Fettuccine $3.69/ea 
Ravello Fresh Egg Linguine $3.69/ea 
Ravello Fresh Egg Pappardelle $3.69/ea 
Ravello Fresh Spinach Fettuccine Not Available 
RP's Pasta Fresh Gluten Free Fettuccine $5.29/ea 
RP's Pasta Fresh Gluten Free Fusilli $5.29/ea 
RP's Pasta Fresh Gluten Free Linguini $5.29/ea 
RP's Pasta Fresh Gluten Free Spinach Fettuccine Not Available 

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