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Brie & Friends
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Variety Creamy + Rich + Strong + Price 
Alouette Crème de Brie Spreadable Cheese, No Rind $5.49/ea 
Reny Picot Selection Camembert $6.99/ea 
Camembert Le Châtelain $7.99/ea 
Old Chatham Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert Wedge $7.99/ea 
Ferme de Jouvence Camembert Fermier $8.99/ea 
Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Hudson Valley Camembert $8.99/ea 
Vermont Creamery Double-Cream Cremont $8.99/ea 
French Brie, 60% Double Cream $10.99/lb 
Small Brie 60% $10.99/lb 
L'Explorateur Triple Crème $12.99/ea 
Brie de Nangis $14.99/lb 
Paesanella $14.99/lb 
Brie De Meaux Rouzaire $15.99/lb 
Herbed French Brie $15.99/lb 
Peppered Brie $16.99/lb 
Cambozola $19.99/lb 
Saint André $20.99/lb 
Edel de Cléron $21.99/lb 
Coach Farm Double Cream Goat Cheese Not Available 
Ferme de Jouvence Goat Brie Not Available 
Lincet Le Délice De Bourgogne Not Available 
Woolwich Dairy Inc. Triple Crème Goat Brie Not Available 

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