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Variety Firm + - Size + Region Color Pits Price 
Cerignola Black Olives ItalyBlack Not Available 
Cerignola Green Olives ItalyGreen Not Available 
Pimiento-Stuffed Green Olives SpainGreen  $8.99/lb 
Cracked Green Olives GreeceGreen $8.99/lb 
Kalamata Olives GreecePurple $8.99/lb 
Pitted Greek Olive Mix GreeceMix  $8.99/lb 
Pitted Kalamata Olives GreecePurple  $8.99/lb 
Pitted Sicilian Olives ItalyGreen  $8.99/lb 
Picholine Olives FranceGreen $8.99/lb 
Pitted Manzanilla Olives SpainGreen  $8.99/lb 
Pitted Moroccan Oil-Cured Olives MoroccoBlack  $8.99/lb 
Pitted Picholine Olives FranceGreen  $8.99/lb 
Spanish Olive Mix SpainMix $8.99/lb 
Non-Pareil Capers SpainGreen  $8.99/lb 
Cracked Sicilian Olives with Spices $8.99/lb 
GAEA Olive Snack, Green Pitted Olives with Lemon & Oregano $2.49/ea 
GAEA Olive Snack, Pitted Kalamata Olives $2.49/ea 
Genuine Gaeta Olives $8.99/lb 
Green Castelvetrano Olives Not Available 

* Timeslot discounts may vary from week to week.

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