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Brie & Friends
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Variety Wheel Kids Melting Crumbling Grating/Shredding Price 
Alouette Crème de Brie Spreadable Cheese, No Rind $5.19/ea 
Brie De Meaux Rouzaire $13.99/lb 
Brie de Nangis       $12.99/lb 
Cambozola      $19.99/lb 
Camembert Le Châtelain       $7.99/ea 
Edel de Cléron       $16.99/lb 
Ferme de Jouvence Camembert Fermier $7.99/ea 
Ferme de Jouvence Goat Brie $8.99/ea 
French Brie, 60% Double Cream      $7.99/lb 
Herbed French Brie      $16.99/lb 
L'Explorateur Triple Crème       $12.99/ea 
Lincet Le Délice De Bourgogne $7.99/ea 
Old Chatham Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert Wedge $7.99/ea 
Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Hudson Valley Camembert      $8.99/ea 
Paesanella     $12.99/lb 
Peppered Brie      $16.99/lb 
Reny Picot Selection Camembert       $6.99/ea 
Saint André      $20.99/lb 
Small Brie 60%     $7.99/lb 
Vermont Creamery Double-Cream Cremont    $8.99/ea 
Woolwich Dairy Inc. Triple Crème Goat Brie $9.99/ea 

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