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Flavorful Specialty Vegetables
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Variety Eat Raw Eat Cooked Price 
Arugula $2.49/ea 
Belgian Endive $3.49/lb 
Blue Moon Acres Cut Wheatgrass $2.99/ea 
Bok Choy $1.99/lb 
Chayote Squash $1.29/ea 
Diced Jicama $2.99/ea 
FreshDirect Asian Stir-Fry Mix $4.99/ea 
FreshDirect Roasting Vegetable Blend $5.99/ea 
FreshDirect Stew Medley $6.99/ea 
FreshDirect Thanksgiving Produce Box $19.99/ea 
FreshDirect Vegetable and Herb Stuffing Mix, Large $6.99/ea 
FreshDirect Vegetable and Herb Stuffing Mix, Small $5.99/ea 
Haricots Verts   $5.99/lb 
Horseradish   $4.99/lb 
Italian Eggplant   $3.99/lb 
Ocean Mist Farms Fennel $3.49/ea 
Organic Fennel $3.99/ea 
Radicchio $2.99/ea 
Rhubarb   $4.49/lb 
Tomatillos Pack $4.49/ea 
White Asparagus $5.99/ea 

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