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This simple spin on the sweet classic uses fresh puréed strawberries.


4 oz champagne or sparkling white wine
2 oz strawberry purée
Splash of grenadine (optional)
Lime for garnish (optional)

For purée:
Fresh strawberries (16 oz package)
Orange juice
Honey to taste

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To make strawberry purée:
In a blender, purée cleaned strawberries and ¼ cup of orange juice until smooth. (Add more liquid as needed.) Place into a container and stir in honey to taste. If desired, strain the purée to remove seeds.

In a flute, spoon two ounces of strawberry purée. Pour four ounces of chilled champagne or sparkling white wine on top. Add a splash of grenadine and place lime slice on glass for garnish. Do not stir.

Tip: Keep the unused purée to use in smoothies or other recipes.

• Use freshly squeezed orange juice or lemon juice as a substitute in purée
• Use sugar or sugar substitute instead of honey
• Use frozen strawberries instead of fresh
• Substitute with puréed raspberries, peaches, or blackberries
• Use apricot nectar instead of fresh purée

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