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    from "Monday-to-Friday Cookbook" by Michèle Urvater

    Although I've usually got no quarrel with tuna from the can, the fresh baked tuna in this salad transforms the commonplace into something grand. The salad tastes so special, it is worthy to serve on weekends for company. This is super served with room temperature rice dressed with a basic vinaigrette.

    If you don't like your fresh tuna rare, don't bother using the fresh fish.

    Time: 15 to 20 minutes
    1 to 1 1/2 hours no-work chilling time
    Makes: 4 servings

    For the Salad
    1 pound fresh tuna steaks, about 1/2 inch thick
    2 red bell peppers

    For the Dressing
    2 tablespoons vegetable or Oriental sesame oil
    2 tablespoons rice vinegar
    1 bunch fresh cilantro or parsley
    1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon dried red pepper flakes

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    1. Preheat the oven to 375°F for 10 minutes.
    2. Place the tuna in a baking dish and bake for 5 to 7 minutes for fish that is rosy red in the center; 10 to12 minutes for fish that is just cooked through. Remove from the oven and let cool while you make the rest of the salad.
    3. Core, seed, and coarsely chop the red peppers.
    4. With a fork mix the oil and vinegar in a serving bowl. Rinse, stem, and mince the cilantro.
    5. Cut the cooked tuna into 1-inch chunks. Toss the bell peppers, cilantro, and tuna with the dressing. Season to taste with salt and red pepper flakes. You can serve the salad immediately or refrigerate covered up to 1 1/2 hours.

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      Organic Red Greenhouse Bell Pepper - $5.99/lb
      Spectrum Toasted Sesame Oil, Unrefined (for Medium Heat) - $6.59/ea
      Marukan Rice Vinegar - $3.19/ea
      Cilantro - $1.99/ea Save! 2 for $3.00
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