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    from "Drinks Without Alcohol" by Jane Brandt

    Orange and chocolate together is a delicious combination, but it's unusual to find them blended into a drink. Enjoy this by itself or serve light orange wafers alongside.

    Servings: 8 tall glasses

    2 cups orange juice, preferably fresh
    1 pint chocolate ice cream
    1 quart ginger ale
    Grated orange zest and maraschino cherries, for garnish

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    1. Place the orange juice and ice cream in a blender. Blend on medium speed until smooth, 30 seconds.
    2. Fill tall glasses three-quarters full with crushed ice. Fill each glass halfway with ginger ale, then add the blender mixture, stirring gently.
    3. Garnish with grated orange zest and a maraschino cherry.

    Product nutrition and information
     Quantity Ingredients Est.Price
      Lambeth Groves Fresh Orange Juice - $2.99/ea
     1 quart
      Ronnybrook Sid's Chocolate Silk Ice Cream - $4.99/ea
      Seagram's Ginger Ale - $2.69/ea plus tax & deposit
     12oz cans 6pk
    Optional Ingredients (for Garnish)
      Roland Premium Maraschino Cherries
    This product is currently unavailable.
      Navel Orange - $1.29/ea Save! 5 for $5.00
     Farm Fresh, Lg
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