Ocean-Friendly Seafood Recipes

Seafood offers high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids as well as essential vitamins and minerals that are important to staying healthy. There are a lot of great reasons to eat more seafood, and we want to help guide choices that will be good for our customers and our planet. The ocean-friendly recipe section of our website features seafood with a high sustainability rating so that you can enjoy your home-cooked meals with peace of mind.

In case you haven't checked it out before, our easy-to-navigate recipe section offers a wide variety of ingredient- and diet-specific recipes. In addition to our FreshDirect original recipes, we also feature recipes from famous cookbooks and magazines. Underneath each recipe, there is a section where you can add the items (with amounts specific to the recipe) directly to your cart in one click.

A few simple and delicious sustainable recipes include:

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