Featured Suppliers

More about the vendors with which we work to support our sustainable seafood program:

  1. Australis
  2. Local Ocean
  3. Open Blue
  4. Verlasso
1. Australis

Australis Aquaculture, LLC is an award-winning provider of delicious, healthy, sustainable seafood marketed under the banner of The Better Fish® — Better Tasting, Better for You, Better for Our Environment. Our company spearheaded the introduction of Barramundi, the Sustainable Sea Bass™ in North America and has proudly seen it grow from a favorite in Australia to an international culinary trend.

Key elements of our sustainable Smart Aquaculture™ practices include:

  • Ideal Feed Conversion Ratio — Barramundi eats lower on the food chain and is better at converting grains into fish protein than almost any other fish. By combining barramundi's natural advantage with our sustainable approach, we achieve food conversion ratios of near 1:1.
  • Sustainable Feed — Our barramundi are fed a largely vegetarian diet with minimal use of fish meal and fish oil. We use only sustainably-harvested meal, so there is less impact on wild stocks.
  • Clean Salt Waters, Minimal Pollution and Habitat Effects — Clean salt water with no industrial or agricultural activity characterize the areas where Australis operates. Our patented water reuse system reduces our need for freshwater and captures fish manure to be beneficially reused as fertilizer. In Vietnam, our facilities operate with low fish stocking densities and extended fallowing of the cage site between batches.
  • Addressing Disease, Predators and Escape — Tank rearing of our small fish dramatically reduces the chance of escape. Physically cleansing our nets eliminates the need to chemically treat them, which reduces the need for net changing that can cause escape. We inspect our cages twice daily. Plus, we use only local strains of barramundi and will not transport live barramundi to areas which could allow the establishment of feral populations.
  • Clean. Traceable. Responsible. — We don't use synthetic chemicals such as hormones, antibiotics or colorants. Independent laboratory testing assures that every bite is safe and pure — free of mercury, PCBs and other contaminants.
(from Australis)

Learn more at www.thebetterfish.com

2. Local Ocean

We at Local Ocean are a group of marine biologists, scientists and entrepreneurs dedicated to addressing the needs of our oceans and the needs of humanity. To date, in Greenport, New York, we built and operate the world's first (and only) commercial zero-discharge, 100% recirculating aquaculture system. In essence, our facility is a controlled and self-balancing micro-ecosystem where we are able to grow a variety of saltwater fish wherever there is a local market.

We at Local Ocean are committed to staying in touch with the realities of the oceans and are constantly in search for answers. In association with an international group of universities and researchers, we are working to create awareness about the problems of unsustainable fishing and wild fish consumption.

(from Local Ocean)

Learn more at www.localoceans.com

3. Open Blue (Cobia)

Open Blue is the leader in open ocean raised fish. We work every day to ensure that Open Blue delivers safe and healthy seafood products to the market while maintaining an integrated open ocean farming platform that is innovative and serves as a role model to the aquaculture industry. We are dedicated to fulfilling a major void in the seafood industry — a reliable, sustainable source of healthy, premium fish, grown with care in a clean, natural and regulated environment. We currently raise cobia, a premium sashimi-grade, marine white fish that is popular in the high-end seafood market. Open Blue has built a unique enterprise to provide a healthy environment for the fish we raise, where we control quality and maintain full traceability through every step of our open ocean aquaculture process.

At Open Blue, we are dedicated to improving the standards of the aquaculture industry through safe and sustainable innovation. Our vision for an aquaculture industry focuses on safely providing the world with healthy fish from the clean, open-ocean waters, while integrating values of social justice and environmental stewardship. As we continue to innovate and improve our technology and processes in Panama, we hope to expand our operations and facilities closer to major modern and Third World global markets, greatly reducing the energy requirements of transporting fish to market, while creating a sustainable and localized solution throughout the world.

(from Open Blue)

Learn more at www.openblue.com

4. Verlasso

Verlasso's driving force has been the call for a more responsible aquaculture worldwide. It guides all of our business efforts and continues to shape our approach for long-term. We are taking the lead in establishing a new model for fish farming, one that's always in balance with nature. It's an evolutionary way of thinking about — and raising salmon.

Our network of artisans are stewards of their fisheries, and we are stewards of their stories as we connect producers to chefs and consumers in a celebration of fish you can trust with a difference you can taste.

(from Verlasso)

Learn more at www.verlasso.com