How Much to Buy...
Thickness is a matter of preference and serving style. As a main course, 10 to 12 ounces of beef satisfies the average appetite. Thinner steaks are great if you're serving one per person. Thick ones — carved into juicy, tender slices and fanned out on a platter — are perfect for a crowd. When in doubt, buy a little extra — sliced steak leftovers make incredible sandwiches.
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Serving Recommendations

star.5 inch14-17 oz1 large steak each
Cooking: grill or pan-sear
Serve whole steaks
 1 inch24-28 ozServes 2 people
Cooking: grill or pan-sear
Slice and share
 1.5 inches28-30 ozServes 3 people
Cooking: pan-roast, grill, or broil
Slice and share