Orwashers The Sesame Bagels, Frozen

6ct, 4.1oz ea
Orwashers The Sesame Bagels, Frozen
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Contains Sesame Seed and/or Sesame Oil, Contains Wheat

Orwashers Bakery has mastered the Sourdough bagel, a traditional version with a crisp chewy crust and a delicate soft interior, abundantly strewn with sesame seeds. Founded in 1916 with a tiny storefront on New York City's Upper East Side, Orwashers has become a local institution committed to bringing the highest quality artisan breads and baked goods to its loyal patrons. With a focus on heritage grains, traditional bread making techniques, and partnerships with regional farmers, Orwashers continues to push quality standards forward. Time tested craftsmanship is what makes each and every Orwashers loaf an exceptional product. (from Orwashers)