Arya Roti, Whole Wheat

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15ct, 24oz
Arya Roti, Whole Wheat
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Contains Wheat

Arya Whole Wheat Roti is made with 100% whole wheat flour for a nourishing, naturally nutty bite. Sporting a charmingly blistered surface and a supple, chewy-soft texture, every 8-inch roti reveals paper-thin, flaky layers when torn that make them ideal for scooping up rich sauces or stews. More than a sidekick for curry, Arya's plant-based rotis also swap-in seamlessly for any meal or snack that calls for tortillas, crepes, lavash or pita. Arya is a New Jersey-based brand that makes classic Indian comfort foods with a modern focus on clean ingredients, convenience and approachability. The company is committed to preserving authentic tastes and textures through heritage technique, without compromising innovation or nutrition. Arya Rotis are ready-to-eat, vegan, all-natural, preservative-free skillet-fired flatbreads crafted with superfood spices, veggies & whole grains. (from Arya)