Conservas de Cambados White Tuna in Olive Oil

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Conservas de Cambados White Tuna in Olive Oil
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Rethink what lunch can be with Conservas de Cambados albacore tuna. The finest albacore tuna from the ancient Galician fishing port of Burela Spain elevates your tuna fish sandwich to gourmet status. The fisherman of Burela have been providing the finest tuna caught by hand and pole for generations. The artisans at Consevas de Cambados gently cooks the tuna in seawater before packing in the finest local olive oil. The resulting tuna is silky smooth and delicious. One bite will change the way you think about canned tuna forever. The riches of Northern Spain are not monetary; the real treasures lie in the surrounding seas. Since 1985, Conservas de Cambados has operated their own cannery in Galicia where the Pontevedra river meets the Ria de Arousa estuary. This estuary is the largest in Galicia and ideal for fish and shellfish. With practices that set the artisanal standard, and being mindful of long term sustainability, Conservas de Cambados honors the traditions of both kitchen and sea. (from Conservas de Cambados)