Bobo's Oat Bar, Coconut

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Bobo's Oat Bar, Coconut
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May Contain Peanuts, Contains Coconuts, Contains Tree Nuts

Our whole grain coconut oat bar is spun with the sweet flakes of organic coconut, for a transcendent snack flowing with tropical goodness. it's hard to go wrong with a coconut oat bar when every morsel treats you to a hint of the islands, with a gluten-free, handmade wholesome twist. In a word, it's "perfect". In two words, it's "perfectly delicious." Ever have the crazy idea to please every coconut lover on earth? Including kids who can't even spell coconut? Well, we did and made this: a coconut oat bar filled with the same love that's baked into every Bobo's Oat Bar. And it turns out, love and coconuts taste amazing together. Who knew? Well, I guess Bobo did! (from Bobo's)