Just FreshDirect Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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Just FreshDirect Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
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Why We Love It: Blended by Italian experts, our everyday olive oil is as tasty as it is authentic. Just FreshDirect extra-virgin olive oil is a perfectly balanced blend that embraces the sweetness of the Arbequino, the freshness and roundness of the Koroneiki, and the persistent fruitiness typical of the Apulian Coratina olive. The result is an oil with a penetrating aroma and a delicate and fragrant taste. Method of Harvest: Harvested by hand Method of Extraction: Milled within 12 hours from the harvest; continuous extraction and separation by centrifuge; the oil is allowed to settle and then decanted naturally. Appearance: Bright green in color with golden yellow reflections. Aroma: Spicy with a persistent herbaceous flavor. Taste: Fruity yet sweet with a light almond aftertaste. Variety of Olives: Coratina, Koroneiki, Arbequino To obtain this oil we choose the best, freshest fruits, and the result is an oil with a low acidity, high nutritional values and fragrant taste. -->