Rustic Bakery Mini Gingerbread Tiles

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Rustic Bakery Mini Gingerbread Tiles
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Contains Eggs, Contains Wheat, Contains Milk

Rustic Bakery was started on a whim in 2005 by Carol LeValley and Josh Harris. The couple found their passion for baking in a simple sourdough flatbread cracker. From there they have developed various flavors of the flatbreads, as well as pan forte crostini, cheese coins, shortbread cookies and various holiday items. Ingredients remain strictly local, organic when possible, as well as globally sourced. This holiday season indulge in these sophisticated and delicious gingerbread tiles that are hand rolled and trimmed. They are full of holiday spices and are topped with a delicate vanilla glaze that highlights the intricate engraved surface. (from Rustic Bakery)