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Smoked Salmon Platter Package (Serves up to 12)

$275.00 - 

Start with a beautiful platter stacked high with buttery salmon, then add on your favorite appetizer platter, deli salad bowl, fruit assortment and dessert. In four quick steps, you'll have a complete, ready-to-serve buffet for up to 12 hungry guests.

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  Smoked Salmon Breakfast Platter with Bread, Large

  European Cheese Plate (with Crackers)
  Light Cheese Plate
  Mediterranean Mezze Platter, Regular
  Mediterranean Pita Platter, Ready to Serve


  Chicken Salad Bowl
  Creamy Tuna Salad Bowl
  Curried Chicken Salad Bowl
  Egg Salad Bowl
  Turkey Salad with Cranberries & Walnuts Bowl


  Grape & Strawberry Platter, Small
  Sliced Fruit Platter, Large


  Assorted Brunch Pastry Platter, Small
  Bars & Cookies Platter, Small
  Chocolate Lovers' Platter, Small
  Coffee Pastries Platter
  Cookies & Brownies Platter, Small
  Muffin Assortment Platter, Small
  Tea Time Pastry Platter, Medium


Just Bagels Plain, Frozen 6pk - $2.79/ea

FreshDirect Plain Cream Cheese 8oz - $4.49/ea

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