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Help NYC's Most Vulnerable

HBO Max is joining us in our partnership with NY Common Pantry, whose mission is to reduce hunger and promote dignity, health, and self-sufficiency. We encourage you to support NYCP by adding a donation to your order in one of the amounts below. Through June 2, HBO Max will match up to $20K in donations to help provide meals for our neighbors in need.


Support Local Goods

We're proud to partner with some of the very best growers, producers, and makers in the northeast. In this uncertain time, small and local businesses need our support more than ever. When you shop these items, you'll give back to these essential members of our food community.

Better Breakfast Sandwiches

Upgrade mornings with top-notch ingredients for your breakfast sandwich, like farm-fresh eggs, artisan-made cheese, impeccable produce, and tasty, tasty bacon. Just add coffee and you¿re off to one satisfying start to the day.

Put It on Toast: Stone Fruit Edition

The bright, juicy acidity of stone fruits like cherries and peaches is a natural mate to creamy, rich fresh cheeses like ricotta and straciatella (drool). So what's the easiest way to enjoy this combo? Put it on toast! Simply grab a thick, toasted slice of good bread, slather your cheese on top, scatter over your chopped or sliced fruit, and add a drizzle of honey. Then take a bite and remember just how sweet life can be.

Make Your Own Sesame Chicken

Skip takeout and try this weeknight recipe: for the marinade, mix 1 clove minced garlic, 1 tsp kosher salt, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1.5 tbsp hoisin, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tsp sesame oil and sriracha to taste. Toss about 1.5 lbs. chicken wings, drums, or bone-in thighs in the marinade, place on a sheet, then roast 30-45 minutes at 425 F, or until internal temp is 165 F. Toast a few sesame seeds in a pan over low heat, then sprinkle over baked chicken, along with some scallion greens. Serve with rice and veggies


How Great Gun Shellfish Keeps NY History Alive

Paul McCormick of Great Gun Shellfish cultivates his Little Guns and Great Guns at his farm in Long Island's Moriches Bay, where there is a rich tradition of oyster harvesting. FreshDirect is proud to offer these top-tier shellfish to you at a time when restaurant closures have deeply impacted the seafood industry. We strongly believe in supporting sustainable aquaculture partners like Great Gun that are contributing to marine health and carrying on a part of local history.
  • SAVE

    Little Gun Oysters
    Rating 4 out of 5sustainability rating not rated
  • Behind the Brew: Montauk Brewing Company

    What began in 2012 as a basement brewing operation among three longtime friends has now grown to embody the laidback spirit of the Montauk. They started by delivering hand-filled kegs on bicycles to local bars, and have since boomed to become a popular brand that we're pumped to bring to you. If you're ever out in Montauk, be sure to visit the red brew-barn just steps from the surf! 'Til then, just FoodKick it and get the taste of the East End delivered right to your door.

    Your Local Farmer's Market, Delivered

    Skip the trek - we've partnered with dozens of amazing local area farmers to bring you the best NY, NJ, and PA have to offer. Our deep relationships ensure you're getting the best quality goods fresher and faster. Our crisp produce comes from favorites like Hepworth Farms in Milton, NY or Satur Farms in Cutchogue, NY, and our grass-fed meat comes from Brother's Ridge Farm in Newark Valley, NY and other farmers in Fort Ann, NY and Skillman, NJ.

    Meals For a Good Cause

    These hearty, homestyle entrées, veggies, and soups from Restaurant Associates Kitchen are more than just a great, fully-prepped meal option. For every meal purchased, Restaurant Associates and FreshDirect will donate a pantry meal to a family in need through NY Common Pantry.
    • RA Kitchen
      Eggplant Parmesan
      Serves 2-3, 31oz
    • RA Kitchen
      Chicken Cacciatore
      Serves 2-3, 27.75oz
    • RA Kitchen
      Penne Pasta with Sausage Bolognese
      Serves 2-3, 29.5oz
    • Organic Cauliflower
      Rating 3 out of 5
      approx. 1.5lb
    • Just FreshDirect
      Local Organic Whole Milk, Carton
      1/2 gallon
    • SAVE

      Baby Spinach
      Rating 3 out of 5
      approx. 5oz

    Good as Brew

    This always-ready cold brew coffee is a perfect & convenient start to your summer morning. Stock your fridge and just add ice - and then skip the pricey coffee shop.

    Munch on This: Melons!

    Seasonal fruit is always a great choice for a snack, and right now, we're at peak melon madness. Slice 'em, cube 'em, ball 'em, or make sculptures out of them if you're ambitious: no matter which way, their sweet, juicy flavor will make your day one in a melon.

    The Joy of Eating Outdoors Responsibly

    When the weather's nice, nothing beats having an al fresco bite to eat, even if it just means spreading out a checkered blanket on your lawn or pulling some chairs onto your rooftop. Grab some cheese, baguettes, deli salads, and drinks for an informal snack while you soak up the sun.

    When You're Just Too Tired Of Cooking

    Fresh from our kitchen...straight to your door (or desk), our deli salads are a better-for-you lunch or dinner side, or snack when 3pm hits.

    How To: Steamer Clams

    The classic way to enjoy steamers: Add equal parts beer and water to a big pot (you want about 2 in. of liquid). Bring to a boil over high heat. Place clams in a steamer and put inside pot, trying not to submerge 'em. Cover and cook until opened, 5-10 minutes. Remove clams from pot. Set out a bowl with some of the steaming liquid and another bowl of melted, unsalted butter. To eat, peel the membrane from each clam, dip in the steaming liquid, then dip in the butter and enjoy.

    Make Your Own Mezze Platter

    Even if you've never heard the word mezze before, you probably already love mezze foods: Falafel! Stuffed grape leaves! Olives! Pita bread! Hummus! Lots and lots of hummus. Mezze is an assortment of snacking foods enjoyed in countries around the eastern Mediterranean. Put them all together on a platter and you'll have a hit at your next big fat party.
    • Stuffed Grape Leaves
      approx. 0.5lb
    • Roots
      Hummus, Original
    • Bakedsome
      Brick-Oven Baked White Pita Bread
      6ct, 12.69oz

    Rosés of the World

    We've compiled our top pink picks from around the globe. Grab a glass and uncork a new favorite tonight - no passport required. Here's a traveler's guide: wines from Provence tend to be classic and dry, resembling the sun-drenched beauty of the region, also similar to those classic rosés from the South of France. Picks from Germany and Austria tend to be zesty (also staff favorites!), while those from Portugal can be light and refreshing. Pour open one from California, and you'll likely find a lush and fruit-forward taste. Be sure not to miss South African rosés - those bold, berry characters are ones to remember!

    Ice Cream Sundae Bliss

    Why order just one pint when you can have a variety of flavors? Go ahead and get nutty (or sprinkly or chocolate saucey). We won't judge.

    Make This: Frozen Negroni Cocktail

    Campari and sweet vermouth combine for a bitter and utterly refreshing beverage that goes down almost too easy - especially when it's in slushie form. Blend it up in a big pitcher for a party-perfect cocktail that's made for the 'gram. Mix 12 oz. OJ with 4 oz. Campari, 4 oz. gin, 4 oz. sweet vermouth, and 4 cups of ice and blend, baby, blend. For a light, refreshing twist sub in Lillet for Campari and Cocchi for vermouth to make a White Frozen Negroni!
    • wine&spirits
      London Dry Gin
      1L (1000ml)
    • wine&spirits
    • wine&spirits
      White Aperitif

    TV Time Snacks

    Having a good ol' movie night or catching up on your favorite episodes at home? Don't forget the popcorn, candy and ice cream for recreating the silver screen experience! And tissues, if it's a rom-com.

    Stocking Up? Start With These Essentials

    Check out our food bundles that get you everything you need in a single click, plus more great basics for a well-stocked fridge and pantry.
    • Meadows and More
      Local Ramp Leaves
      Rating 4 out of 5
      approx. 4oz
    • SAVE

      Fresh Wild Morel Mushrooms
      Rating 3.5 out of 5
      approx. 3.5oz
      $9.99/ea $14.99
    • SAVE

      Organic Vidalia Onions
      Rating 4 out of 5
      approx. 3lb bag
      $3.99/ea $5.99
    • Advil
      Ibuprofen Tablets, 200mg
    • Benadryl
    • FreshDirect
      Sautéed Spinach w/ Garlic
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