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The rocky coast of Galicia, Spain is home to one of the leading innovators in sustainable aquaculture, Stolt Sea Farm. Their passion for raising high-quality turbot and dover sole is second only to their commitment to protecting the environment, adhering to the philosophy that a healthy water source nurtures healthier fish.

Their fish are raised in land-based farms that pull water directly from the North Atlantic Ocean. The icy waters are quickly recycled and returned to the sea, spending only one hour circulating through the farms. From the hatchery to harvest, the Stolt team is committed to the welfare of each fish, while our partnership ensures 100% traceability from the farm to your table.

The staff marries passion and dedication in caring for their fish with daily feedings by hand and constant observation. They learn to regard each fish individually, noticing the slightest change in behavior as the fish are raised to maturity. The management of these farms is not just a source of pride but an object of ownership for every staff member.

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