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Provide A Meal For A Family This Thanksgiving

We're proud to partner with NY Common Pantry, whose mission is to reduce hunger and promote dignity, health, and self-sufficiency. This holiday season, we encourage you to make a donation that will help provide a Thanksgiving meal for a family in need and support the fight against food insecurity in New York City.

Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey

We have a range of sizes for feasts both large and small. All of our turkeys are raised without antibiotics, with organic and local options available. Any one is a great centerpiece for your holiday feast!

Let Us Do the Work on Thanksgiving

Getting ready for the big meal is a cinch with a little help from our chefs. Order a chef-prepped Thanksgiving meal that comes with everything you need from start to finish. Or just pick the items that you need to fill out your spread, whether that's appetizers, sides, or an oven-ready turkey.

Turkey Day Essentials

Forget the chaos and commotion of the store: we've gathered everything you might need for your feast right here. Just add your Thanksgiving faves to your cart at let us deliver them to your door!

All The Thanksgiving Extras

Whether you're hosting, toasting, or roasting this Thanksgiving, we've got everything you need that you forgot you needed. Like fresh veggies, mirepoix, garlic, mushrooms, herbs, and seasonings for sides, stuffing, or turkey.
  • Organic Diced Onion
    Rating 3 out of 5
    approx. 10oz
  • SAVE

    Organic Mirepoix
    Rating 4 out of 5
    approx. 10oz
    $4.49/ea $5.99
  • SAVE

    Satur Farms
    Local Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme Herb Trio
    Rating 4 out of 5
    approx. 2oz
    $3.49/ea $3.99

Spice Up Thanksgiving

Warm and fragrant spices will make your holiday dishes taste just right. Grab some cloves, cinnamon, and ginger for the pumpkin pie or mulled cider, and some sage for the stuffing. Chef's tip: if you haven't opened your spices since last year's celebrations, you'll want new ones to keep your flavors fresh since they have a limited shelf life.
  • Simply Organic
  • Just FreshDirect
    Organic Ground Cardamom
  • Spice Supreme
    Bay Leaves

How To: Broccoli + Brussels Sprout Salad

Looking for a new side? This raw salad, starring two of the most popular members of the cruciferous family pairs perfectly with the protein of your choice. Even better: it takes minutes to make. Thinly slice the veg, then make a vinaigrette (honey dijon or roasted hazelnut are our current go-to's), toss together + top with nuts. Fast + flavorful.

Get Feast-Ready Just Like That

We could all use some help putting together the finishing touches around the holidays. So we'll give you a leg up with these holiday hacks, like pre-cooked sides, that let Thanksgiving come together in 3-2-1.

Thanksgiving Wine & Spirit Recommendations

Stocking up on drinks for the holiday is easy, especially when you can get them delivered to your door. Just make sure to get a variety of bottles for pairing with different dishes and satisfying each of your diners. Browse our experts' picks in this list and for more information, head to our blog.

Appetizers To Get Things Started

Kick off the big day off with bites that'll get everyone in the feasting mood. These easy-to-prep appetizers might just get gobbled up in as little time as it takes to get them ready.

Thanksgiving Classics: Pie & Ice Cream

There's no need to fuss over the dessert at Thanksgiving. Simply pick a pie, add on some scoops to make it a la mode, and dig in to the perfect treat for capping off the big day.

Build the Perfect Thanksgiving Cheese Board

The key to awesome cheese boards just comes down to the right combo of components. First, you'll want to nail the mix of cheeses. Start with texture, and aim for a mix of firm, semi-firm, and soft cheeses. Beyond that, a variety of milk types will please everyone - try a blend of cow, sheep, and goat milk cheeses. Then, start to pair. Charcuterie, seasonal fruit, nuts, and preserves all help balance the full fat of the cheese and elevate the flavors. For some crunch, add locally-made crackers and breads. Tip: 2-3 ounces of cheese per person is just about right!

Everything Baking

Making a dessert and forgot the ...? Whether it's sugar or the whipped cream, we've got you.

First of the Season!

So Hot Right Now: Just FreshDirect Olio Novello

We are not exaggerating when we say you'll love this! Seriously. We work directly with fourth-generation producers Manfredi Barbera to hand-pick the custom blend of olives that make this exquisite oil. Bright green with a grassy aroma, it has a more vibrant flavor than your average olive oil, with a peppery profile that's pleasantly bitter and full-bodied. It will elevate any bruschetta, pasta, or pesto recipe, and stands up to rich, flavorful sauces. But really, you can use it any way you like.
  • it's back

    Just FreshDirect
    Unfiltered Olio Novello 2020 Harvest
    33.8fl oz
  • Think Beyond the Turkey

    Whether you're having a smaller gathering or are looking for an alternative to the traditional bird, these tasty and festive mains will be right at home on your Thanksgiving table. From show-stopping roasts to poultry that's more petite and easy to cook, these centerpieces prove that you don't need a turkey to celebrate.

    A Kale Salad To Lighten Things Up

    Even the most committed feasters can appreciate a veggie-based side to lighten up the big meal. Try a simple kale salad with nuts, cheese, pomegranate seeds, and perhaps some roasted veggies that'll dazzle everyone on Thanksgiving day.
    • Organic Lacinato Kale
      Rating 4 out of 5
      approx. 0.5lb
    • SAVE

      Pomegranate Arils
      Rating 3 out of 5
      approx. 4.4oz
    • Vermont Creamery
      Fresh Goat Cheese Classic Chèvre

    Seafood Tapas, Your Way For the Holiday

    Our premium tinned seafood makes it easy to kick some tapas, whether it's for a small party, date night, or just savoring all by yourself. Just add a fresh baguette or two, crackers, salad, etc. and you've got yourself a spread.


    Satsuma Season is Here!

    They say good things are worth waiting for... and that's especially true of these satsumas. We've waited all year for these perfectly sweet golden nuggets to come back in season, and since they're easy to peel, we're eating them every day. Pick 'em while you can!
  • SAVE

    Family Tree Farms
    Satsuma Mandarins
    Rating 4.5 out of 5
    approx. 3lb
    $9.99/ea $12.99
  • Thank You From FreshDirect!

    We're thankful for the people who inspire us every day with their genius, passion and creativity. Our incredible partners make it possible to do it for the love of food.

    Spend $25, Save $5 on Game Day Favorites

    Save $5 when you stock up on these game day staples.
    • Pepsi
      Cola, Cans
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    • Doritos
      Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips, Party Size
    • Cheetos
      Popcorn, Cheddar

    Save big on expertly-curated seasonal items and your favorite brands

    • it's back

      Rating 4.5 out of 5
      1lb bag
    • SAVE

      Family Tree Farms
      Jumbo Ultra-Premium Blueberries
      Rating 4.5 out of 5
      approx. 9.8oz
      $7.99/ea $8.99
    • it's back

      Black Winter Truffles
      Rating 4 out of 5
      approx. 2oz
      Earliest delivery Wed 11/25
    • Good Stock
      Soup, Sweet Potato & Turmeric
    • Perfect Bar
      Protein Bar, Pumpkin Pie
    • Milk Bar
      Cookies, Compost
      8ct, 6.5oz
    • KN95 Masks, Individually Wrapped
    • Advil
      Ibuprofen Tablets, 200mg

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