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Shop for groceries online and get everything delivered around your schedule. We make it easy to scratch one more thing off your to-do list.

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We want you to know what's really great. So every day, our experts taste over 800 fresh products and rate them on a scale of one to five stars.

Use Express Delivery To Get Groceries Fast

Not sure what's for dinner? Or forgot an ingredient for that special recipe? Switch the express toggle on to get speedy 2-hour delivery of the items you need. Whether you're looking for the freshest meat, seafood, and produce or special goodies for your pantry, express delivery makes it simple to fill your fridge in a flash!

How To: Salmon with Wild Springtime Vegetables

This recipe from our team pairs luscious king salmon with three seasonal produce finds. First there are fiddlehead ferns, which are a type of wild, tender green vegetable with a grassy taste and chewy bite. Then, there are ramps, the wild onion with a garlicky kick. And lastly, morel mushrooms, with their nooks and crannies that soak up flavor. These springtime delicacies are only available for a short time, so try them together while you can! Get the full recipe on our blog.

Go Crazy For Kabobs

Grab your skewers and get cookin'! Simply cut your favorite fruits and veggies into bite-sized pieces, then thread them together and cook them over the heat. While the grill will add a nice char and smoky flavor, you can absolutely cook your kabobs in a grill pan or under the broiler if you'd rather keep things indoors, especially on a busy weeknight. Pro tip: flip your skewers just once, a little over halfway through. If you flip too soon, they'll stick.

Why Shop Fair Trade

Fair Trade products promote a more just system for all by promoting workers' rights, ensuring that their communities are cared for, and advocating practices that protect the environment. FreshDirect is proud to offer a variety of Fair Trade items and to support the people the behind them.

Up to 25% Off

New Kosher Beef That's Direct From The Farm

We've teamed up with Real Fresh Kosher Beef to be the first in the country to offer their great-tasting, kosher-certified meat that's as high-quality as it gets. Because we source directly from Real, there are no middlemen, so you get a product with superior flavor that's as fresh as can be. Available in a variety of cuts, it's ideally suited for all of your beef recipes.

This Just In

New Sandwiches for Lunch on the Go

Your new favorite lunch option has just landed! We've crafted twelve new sandwiches and wraps, each made fresh daily with high-quality ingredients in our kitchen. Add them to your lunchbox, take them to a picnic, or keep them on hand for a quick midday meal at home.

Spring Cocktail Inspiration

When the temps get warmer, it's time to turn to lighter, fresher flavors for sipping on the patio. We've added new, ready-made cocktails that are as close as you'll get to having a professional mixologist in your home, as well as a few special spirit selections for whipping up your own.

It's Mango Madness

First there was March Madness, and then there was Mango Madness. Some of our favorite mangoes, Champagne Mangoes, are at their peak right now - so eat up! They're mildly sweet with a delicate flesh, perfect for snacks or adding to breakfast bowls. While you're at it, get your hands on the rest of these juicy mango must-haves!

Rosé Days Are Here!

The latest vintage has arrived, meaning it's officially time to drink pink. Grab new selections and old favorites for every budget, then get sipping and watch everything come up rosés.

$3 Million Raised!

A Small Contribution Can Make a Big Difference

We're proud to partner with NY Common Pantry, whose mission is to reduce hunger and promote dignity, health, and self-sufficiency. And thanks to you, our customers, FreshDirect has now raised over $3 million dollars in support of their innovative programs, like Choice Pantry, which distributes nutritious, fresh food pantry packages to individuals and families. We couldn't be more grateful for your generosity, and encourage everyone to consider making a donation that will help end food insecurity and ensure access for our neighbors in need.

Make It Easy: Mini Fruit Galettes

Try this sweet and easy treat for this Mother's Day: Preheat oven to 425 F. In a bowl, mix 2 c chopped fruit, 1/4 c sugar, 1 tbsp flour, juice of half a lemon, and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Roll out 1 round pie dough and cut into four 5-inch circles. Place circles on a parchment-lined baking sheet and fill centers with fruit mixture. Fold edges of dough around filling and brush with a mix of 1 beaten egg and 1 tbsp water. Bake until crust is golden and filling is bubbly, about 15 minutes. Cool before enjoying.

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