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Get Ready For Hanukkah

From latkes and donuts to chicken and brisket, Hanukkah is most definitely a holiday for food lovers. Shop all of your must haves for feasting your way through the festival of lights.

No-Cook Meals For When You're Over Cooking

Putting together a Thanksgiving meal can feel like running a marathon, so it's natural if you find yourself avoiding the kitchen over the following days. Give yourself a night off from cooking with these ready-to-heat items from our chefs. Mix and match any of these entrées with a side or two and boom! Dinner is ready.

Your Cozy Season Starter Pack

Break out your fuzzy slippers and gather 'round the fireplace: it's the time of the year to hibernate! Stock up on your favorite piping-hot foods and drinks, along with immunity boosters and cold remedies for whatever winter brings.

Give Your Leftovers The Deluxe Treatment

Some might say that the leftovers sandwich is actually the best part of Thanksgiving feasting. So give it the attention it deserves by using Arnold bread as your vehicle: just pile the insides high with turkey, cranberries, stuffing, or anything else that tickles your fancy!

The Breakfast Bar

Up your brekkie game with the best eggs, bacon, and coffee out there. We're talkin' eggs with the yellowest yolks you've ever seen from our friends at Lancaster Farm and Vital Farms. Pair 'em with the biggest names in bacon from Nueske's and Niman Ranch, or if you prefer, some local organic rashers. Finally, complement with coffee from the likes of Stumptown, Partners, and more. Waking up just got much easier.

How To: Veggie Fritters

Fritters are one of our go-to winter apps -- especially now, with root veggies. Here's how: grate vegetables (try carrots, parsnips, or sweet potatoes). Add cheese and herbs of your choice. Season with salt, pepper and spices (we like curry powder, cumin, or chili powder for a kick). Combine ingredients in a bowl, using a whisked egg and flour to thicken the batter. Bake or pan fry the fritters in oil until crispy, then serve with dipping sauce of your choice.
This Just In

Discover Baja Bay Scallops

Baja bay scallops are petite and sweet, offering a hint of the sea and a firm, velvety texture. Each one is sustainably hand harvested for us by divers on Mexico's Baja peninsula. They're our go-to scallop because you can just give them a quick sear before adding them to salads, pastas, and many other recipes. Try them out for your next seafood night. Or, if you prefer something on the meatier side, we've got several other great varieties to choose from.
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Seafood Sourced Right

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  • Baja Bay Scallops
    Save 13%
    Baja Bay Scallops
    5 star ratingExpert Rating 5.0/5
      $12.99/lb $14.99
    • Branzino Fillet
      5 star ratingExpert Rating 5.0/5
      • approx. 7.3-7.7oz
      Earliest Delivery Tue 11/30

    The November List

    Shop expertly-curated items that we guarantee you'll love. We've picked the very best items that you've just gotta try right now.

    Top-Rated Fruit

    Get our experts' recommendations.

    Peak-Season Vegetables

    See what's great right now.
    • Asparagus
      4 star ratingExpert Rating 4.0/5
      • approx. 1lb
    • Black Winter Truffles
      4 star ratingExpert Rating 4.0/5
      • approx. 2oz

    The Beers To Drink Right Now

    Picking the perfect brew doesn't have to be a gamble. Browse this list to see the beers that are our best values, staff recommended, or crafted especially for enjoying during the current season. Updated weekly.

    Our Essential Wine List

    The best thing about wine? There's always a great new producer or varietal to discover. On this list, we've narrowed down our selection of the bottles to be excited about right now, featuring our staff's personal and seasonal favorites, including plenty of great values. Updated weekly.

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