Black-Owned Food Businesses On FreshDirect

FreshDirect has always prided itself on supporting the growth of small, emerging, and local brands. We are committed to using our platform to give visibility and recognition to the creators and makers that are creating incredible goods.

Black owned businesses food products

This mission includes includes investing in BIPOC-led brands that not only are behind some of the most exciting products out there, but also are dedicated to positive social and economic change. At FreshDirect, it’s deeply ingrained in our values to promote and celebrate these leaders.

For Black History Month, we’re putting a spotlight on local, Black-owned businesses that you can find on FreshDirect. Food is a part of the heritage that this celebration honors. These businesses are both building upon this legacy and working toward a more sustainable, inclusive, and just future. Each of them, in their own way, exemplifies a powerful combination of innovation, goodwill, and a commitment to deliciousness. We’re truly honored and grateful to have them in the FreshDirect family.

Black-Owned Businesses on FreshDirect

A Dozen Cousins

A Dozen Cousins’ ready-to-heat beans make it super easy to bring delicious, globally-inspired flavors to meal time. Each variety is perfectly simmered and seasoned, using recipes from founder Ibraheem Basir. A Dozen Cousins is also committed to addressing food insecurity and providing access to healthy foods in underserved communities.

Don Carvajal Coffee

Don Carvajal Cafe is committed to bringing their customers the finest direct trade, eco-friendly coffees in sustainable packaging. Based in the South Bronx, their team maintains relationships with farm co-ops throughout Central and South America, creating a supply chain that emphasizes putting ethical labor and environmental stewardship behind each cup of coffee.

McBride Sisters Wine

McBride Sisters wine was founded in 2005, when sisters Robin and Andréa set out to shake up the industry with a blend of old-world elegance and new-world finesse. Their wines reflect the terroirs of the places where they grew up, and have flavors designed for all palates. Today, McBride sisters is the largest women-owned winery in the US. The duo also created the McBride Sisters SHE CAN Professional Development Fund in 2019 to promote the professional advancement of women in the wine industry, help close the gender and race gap, and create opportunities where there were not before.

Wines and spirits are sold by FreshDirect Wines & Spirits, License # 1277181.3 Flushing Ave, Suite 120, Brooklyn NY 11205. Tel: (718) 928-1515, Mon–Sat. 10 AM-8 PM, Sun. 12 PM–8 PM.

Partake Cookies

Partake Cookies was born from a mission to make snacking inclusive for all. These vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and top 8 allergen-free treats are the result of founder Denise Woodard’s quest to make healthy, high-quality and delicious allergy-friendly snacks for her daughter. We’re thrilled to offer this Jersey City-based company’s cookies made with simple and wholesome ingredients, from their classic Chocolate Chip or fan-favorite Ginger Snap. Denise is also actively involved in mentorship programs for budding industry leaders.

Pipcorn Snacks

Pipcorn is proud to be a Black and women-founded business based in Brooklyn, NY. The idea for Pipcorn was born in 2012, co-founders and siblings Jeff and Jen Martin popped batch after batch of the most delicious popcorn that they had found in a health food store. Together with Jeff’s wife, Teresa, they launched Pipcorn, which grew into a snacking success story. Pipcorn is certified B Corp. and dedicated to creating innovative snacks rooted in sustainability.


Driven by the transformative power of personal experience, founder Bradley Gifford embarked on a profound health and wellness journey that reshaped his life’s trajectory. Through his health challenges, he realized nutrition’s pivotal role in achieving optimal well-being. This awakening marked the birth of Spoonful—a manifestation of Bradley’s vision to make nutritious, convenient, and flavorful foods accessible to all. Spoonful meticulously crafts a diverse range of delicious overnight oats that integrate health and taste seamlessly. The ingredients are thoughtfully sourced to cater to various dietary preferences and requirements, ensuring everyone can embark on their unique journey toward vitality.

Stori Coffee

For over two decades, the founders of Stori Coffee have been building relationships with the women of Rwanda’s Hingakawa co-op in order to bring their exceptional single-origin coffee to the world. These women came together after their country’s devastating genocide to grow coffee in a male-dominated industry, growing into a thriving co-op that has received awards for excellence in specialty coffee year after year. Stori uses its personal relationship with these producers to ensure each partner is paid fairly for their craft. FreshDirect is proud to support Stori’s commitment to traceability and more ethical sourcing.

The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot was born out of one woman’s need to naturally heal herself. Founder Beatrice Dixon became a woman on a mission, searching for natural remedies to help prevent infections. Beatrice charged ahead and created The Honey Pot Feminine Wash—her very own natural healing aid. The Honey Pot’s mission is to educate, support, and provide women around the world with the tools and resources that promote health and wellness. Through their functional plant-based products, they provide women with a healthy alternative that is free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfates. Say hello to the future of feminine care.

Yolélé Fonio

Yolélé is an importer of African fonio, a gluten-free ancient grain that packs fiber, antioxidants, and minerals and has a deliciously nutty taste. Yolélé’s mission is to create economic opportunity for small farming communities, support regenerative food systems, and promote the biodiversity that our planet needs.

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm

This local, family-run apiary and honey business was born from a passion project to fight seasonal allergies and raise awareness about bees. After seeing the difference local honey made for their son Zach’s health, plus months of research and coaxing by local beekeeping friends, the Johnson family started their beekeeping journey, doing it the right way. No pesticides. No additives. Just pure, raw honey from the bees that they value, nurture, and love.