Blueberry Bourbon Smash Cocktail By Trade Street Jam Co.

If you haven’t tried Trade Street Jam Co.’s spoonable jams yet, you’re missing out on a FreshDirect favorite that will change how you think about fruit-based spreads.

Each of Trade Street’s flavors is pure and clean-tasting, with a loose consistency that allows them to do so much more than your average jam. They can easily be blended into sauces, baked goods, porridges, and more, though today we’re sharing a Trade Street recipe that’s fit for this season’s celebrations with their blueberry bourbon smash cocktail recipe.

Chef Ashley Rouse

A little bit about Trade Street Jam Co. first: they’re a Black and woman-owned small batch jam company founded by chef Ashley Rouse. Based in Brooklyn, Trade Street creates fruit-forward vegan jams that are low in sugar and high in flavor. Ashley and Trade Street are also committed to giving back through education and helping those who face food insecurity.

This recipe, developed by Brandy Yowell, shows exactly how Trade Street’s jams are ideal for boosting the flavor-factor in recipes where you might not expect it. By pairing their blueberry lemon basil jam with bourbon, you get a sophisticated cocktail that has a complex juiciness and herby aromatics. We’ll be serving it at all of our holiday parties because it has a bright and cheery character that matches the spirit of the season.

Blueberry Bourbon Smash Cocktail Recipe

Makes one cocktail

What You’ll Need:
1.5 fl oz bourbon whiskey
.75 fl oz sour mix
1 tablespoon Trade Street Jam Co. Blueberry Lemon Basil jam
Blueberries and/or a sliced lemon wheel for garnish

What To Do:
Place the bourbon, sour mix, and jam in a glass with ice and stir to combine (alternatively, you can put all the ingredients in a shaker for a frostier drink). Garnish with a few fresh blueberries on top and a lemon wheel for the rim.

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