FreshDirect Sourced: Hepworth Farms

Hepworth Farms was established in Milton, New York in 1818, along the edges of the Hudson River about 65 miles north of New York City. Over the last two centuries, it has remained in the stewardship of the Hepworth family—these days, it’s led by seventh-generation farmers Amy and Gail Hepworth, along with partner Gerry Greco. This heritage alone is enough to make the farm noteworthy, but you only understand what a truly special place is once you taste their produce, of which they grow more than 300 varieties. 

Under Amy and Gail’s oversight, Hepworth Farms has been guided by a mission: to center itself around the human connection to food. They coined a term for their practices—the “whole farm alive systems approach”—that sees each living entity as part of an ecosystem. For people, their role is to be “observant” of the larger natural forces at play. And for the people working on the farm, it’s “the human interactions around food that makes our jobs even more real,” as Gail says. “We’re providing food for people’s families and for people to eat, and it’s a big part of the motivation.”

This work takes place on approximately 550 acres of biodiverse and nutrient-dense soil. Hepworth Farms is committed to dechemicalization and utilizing organic practices. Within their many offerings, tomatoes are what they’re best known for, with dozens of varieties growing in rows. In the late summer each year, you’ll see a vibrant array of Hepworth tomatoes in various sizes, shapes, and colors on FreshDirect. We also carry one-of-a-kind, no-subscription farm share boxes from Hepworth, which contain a rotating selection of seasonal vegetables. These boxes forge a direct connection between the farm and the consumer. This relationship is truly meaningful because, as Gail explains, “supporting local agriculture is far more important than people imagine.

A personal touch can be sensed in each piece of Hepworth produce—you can really feel the care and effort that went into creating such pristine food. We’re giving you an even closer glimpse into this labor of love in our next edition of FreshDirect: Sourced. Watch the video below to see for yourself how the Hepworth sisters have fostered a truly unique connection between the land, the people, and the food on our plates.

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