How Many Glasses of Champagne Are In a Bottle? – A Guide

Popping the cork and toasting with a great bottle of fizzy Champagne or sparkling wine has always been linked to fun events—celebrations, brunches, holiday gatherings, and countless festivities.

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However, for many of us, the rules on how many glasses per guest and how much goes into every glass are often unclear.

Getting to the bottom of this starts with answering one important question:

How many glasses of wine are in a bottle?

Before we answer this question, let’s first talk about the different types of sparkling wine glasses that guests can use.

What Types of Champagne & Sparkling Wine Glasses Exist?

There are three primary types of glasses to choose from. There may be some variations, but these are the three most common that you’ll see:

  1. Flutes
  2. Tulips (and wide tulips)
  3. Coupes


A flute has many of the same characteristics as a thinner wine glass—it features a medium to long stem and a wide pedestal that keeps it upright.

The glass bowl is thin and elongated, allowing it to hold more Champagne than other glasses—usually around 6-7 ounces. This type of bowl also provides significant spill prevention—since froth is formed when you pour Champagne, the taller bowl keeps it contained.

The long stem of the flute glass provides advantages, too. It gives a significant amount of room for grip and keeps the holder from accidentally warming up the Champagne with their hands.

For the purists, flutes are best for drinking dry or non-vintage Champagnes.


Coupes bear a striking resemblance to cocktail glasses. Also known as Champagne saucers, the primary identifying factor of a coupe is the shorter, wider bowl, which will hold around seven ounces.

Like the flute, a coupe has a longer stem with the same advantages, such as maintaining the proper temperature of the glass contents. Coupes are sought after for a refined drinking experience since they’re a more traditional design.

Tulips (and wide tulips)

Tulip glasses are similar in design to flutes. However, the bowl is the primary difference: Instead of a uniform bowl, tulip glass bowls start wider at the bottom and narrow out toward the top. Tulip glasses vary in capacity from 6 ounces to 9 ounces, usually. This bowl design is thought to enhance the drinking experience by better capturing the scents from the drink.

As with the other Champagne glasses, tulips have longer stems and broader bases for less heat transfer and more stable placement.

Wide tulip glasses are identical to tulip glasses, except that the bowls are even wider.

How Many Glasses of Champagne or Sparkling Wine Are in a Bottle?

So, onto the main question: How many glasses of Champagne or sparkling wine are there in a bottle?

The answer to this question will depend on the amount poured into each glass and the size of bottle used. For this experiment, we’ll go with the flute—arguably the most commonly used Champagne or sparkling wine glass and a standard 750 milliliters, which is about 25.4 ounces of bubbly.

The flute glass holds about six ounces, but it usually doesn’t get filled all the way. Instead, you can count on about four ounces per flute. With a little bit of math, we can assume that for every 25.4-ounce standard bottle, you’ll get a little more than six glasses of Champagne or sparkling wine.

As we mentioned, this only applies to a standard bottle of Champagne. Here’s the thing: There are many different types of Champagne and sparkling wine bottles ranging from one-quarter the size to 40 times the size of a standard bottle.

To help you calculate based on other sizes of bottles, here’s a handy chart you can use:

Name of BottleHow Much Does it Hold?How Many Glasses Does it Provide?Bottle Equivalent
Piccolo187.5 ml (6.3 oz)11/4
Demi375 ml (12.6 oz)31/2
Bottle750 ml (25.4 oz)61
Magnum1.5 L (50.7 oz)122x
Jeroboam3 L (101.4 oz)244x
Rehoboam4.5 L (152.1 oz)366x
Methuselah6 L (202.9 oz)488x
Salamanzar9 L (304.3 oz)7212x
Balthazar12 L (405.8 oz)9616x
Nebuchadnezzar15 L (507.2 oz)12020x
Solomon18 L (608.7 oz)14424x
Sovereign25 L (845.4 oz)20034x
Primat27 L (913 oz)21636x
Melchizedek30 L (1014.4 oz)24040x

Many of the larger sizes of Champagne and wine bottles are named after biblical figures and kings—the two exceptions are Magnum and Primat.

How Many Bottles of Champagne or Sparkling Wine Should You Get For an Event?

The answer to this question depends on the type of event you’re having and how many guests will be there.

Almost every event will have some guests wanting a couple of glasses, while others may not drink at all. It’s safe to assume that, on average, you’ll want at least one glass of Champagne or sparkling wine per person. However, you know your guests better than anyone—if you’ve got some wine lovers on the guest list, you’ll want to aim higher.

A toast typically only requires one glass of Champagne or sparkling wine per guest. This is because you can get away with pouring a little less into each person’s glass. Compare this to a dinner party with Champagne cocktails, such as mimosas. In this case, you might want a little more per person.

Since we’ve determined that every bottle of Champagne is good for five or six guests, a simple rule of thumb is to divide the number of guests you have by five. For example, if you have 50 guests, 10 bottles of Champagne should be fine for your event.

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