Introducing Just FreshDirect Turkey!

We’ve found the ground you’re looking for. We started out on a mission to source our own farm-direct turkey for a year-round turkey supply. Our goal was to sell high-quality, no-preservative ground turkey, made from humanely raised birds.

Currently, we have five farm-direct programs (including beef, pork, and lamb), and since we source directly from multiple chicken farmers, we thought finding a perfect turkey partner would be a breeze. But, boy, we were wrong.

We quickly discovered that most turkey farmers produce just for Thanksgiving, which meant that finding a year-round turkey producer was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our search eventually led us to Virginia Poultry Growers, where we found our proverbial needle.

Virginia Poultry Growers Cooperative is located in Shenandoah Valley, just down the road from another one of our partner farms, Farmer Focus. And just like their neighbors, they include only local, independent family farms in their cooperative. Each one of our growers is committed to sustainable farming practices, and they undergo extensive animal welfare training and auditing annually. They take pride in being environmental stewards; the turkeys are humanely raised, given space to roam, and are never given antibiotics.

With such excellent farm partners, we really wanted to make sure we showcased the great taste. We use only breast and thigh meat in our grinds, meaning we don’t use other turkey by-product. And since we are partnering directly with the farm, we are able to eliminate the rosemary extract preservative found in most turkey and chicken grinds. We are so excited to finally be able to introduce this fresher, better tasting, higher quality ground turkey to our customers.

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