Introducing Little Dish: Fresh Nutritious Meals Toddlers Love

Little Dish Fresh Toddler Food

At FreshDirect, we are always looking for new products that will help our customers and their families eat more wholesomely, even when life gets super hectic and busy. So when we heard that Little Dish, the no. 1 brand of fresh toddler food in the UK, is now making their nutritious, just-like-homemade meals here in the US, we knew that their range would be a perfect fit for parents who shop with us and their little ones.

Little Dish HIllary Graves
Hillary Graves, founder of Little Dish

Little Dish was started in 2006 by Hillary Graves, an American mom who was living in London at the time. She was shocked to find that baby and toddler food sold in the supermarkets had a shelf life of up to two years. She believed that fresh, healthy, good tasting food belonged in the fridge, not on a shelf, and that the food shouldn’t be older than her baby!

So, from her home in Notting Hill, Hillary started Little Dish: a range of fresh, no-prep meals just like families make in their own kitchens, using only 100% natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives. She worked closely with a nutritionist to make each Little Dish recipe perfectly nutritionally balanced, and her children, Monty and Ridley, became the Little Dish ‘Chief Tasters’, ensuring that every veggie-packed meal passed the toddler taste test. Little Dish is now sold in all UK supermarkets and is a much-loved brand throughout Britain.

Little Dish Fresh Toddler Food

Hillary and her family recently moved to New York to bring Little Dish to US families. She found a local production kitchen and developed a range of delicious toddler meals for FreshDirect, including Mac & Cheese, Ancient Grains & Chicken, Lentils & Beef, and Pasta & Tomato Sauce. Every Little Dish includes at least one or two portions of vegetables, so you can be sure your toddler is getting a nutritious, well-balanced meal. LittleDish is suitable for children 12 months and older.

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For more information, visit the Little Dish website or follow @littledish on Instagram.

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